Website Security

What is website security?

That is something here at Devavi, we understand well. Website security is a group of efforts to ensure that your website is safe from abuse and malware.

The most important thing to remember about website security, is this: You are only as secure as your weakest link. That missing link may be a missing SSL certificate, outdated plugin or broken login. There are countless areas where a security breach could happen.

The Importance of An SSL Certifcate

If you are doing business online and your website has insecure public pages, this can cause a distrust with your customers. More importantly however, it makes it easier for the data on that website to be stolen and used maliciously.

How Do I Make My Website Secure?

Making a website secure will be a process you go through to target every area that abuse of the server and the website can occur. Our security specialists at Devavi work day and night to ensure that you don't have to ever be concerned about the security of your website.